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The M2030 Climate Action team hosts an array of different interactive training sessions that can help you to better understand our platform and the tools and features you can use to help decarbonize your facility operations and hit sustainability targets.

Introduction to the M2030 Platform

"A starter’s guide to using M2030"

This training session will introduce you to M2030 and show you the ins and outs of the platform, how to get your colleagues onboard, how to start managing your emissions, and how you can create your personalized Reduction Plan to help decarbonize your facility operations.

We currently host these training sessions in English and Chinese. Please find the links to register for your preferred training session below. 

Register here for English

Register here for Chinese


Mastering your Reduction Plan

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"An in-depth training on the Reduction Plan tool to help optimize your decarbonization efforts”

Demonstrating decarbonization is not always straightforward, but we are here to help you reduce emissions and show your customer(s) your sustainability efforts through your M2030 Reduction Plan.

The team will showcase how to manage and track your Reduction Plan as well as additional support and decarbonization partnerships that you can benefit from.

Register here

Product Carbon Footprinting Explained

“Coming Soon – How to use the M2030 PCF Tool”


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